Friday, January 05, 2007

Mail to CES to Reconsider Goa Regional Plan

From: Navendu Shirali <>
Date: Jan 5, 2007 11:16 AM
Subject: Kind Attn; Virendra Kumar- VIOLATIONS MADE BY THE REGIONAL PLAN 2011

Dear Virendra Kumar,
GM, Planning Department,

In continuation with our Phone Call today,

Following are some of the VIOLATIONS MADE BY THE REGIONAL PLAN 2011

Some more serious violations of the plan state:

* Large industrial area of 90 Ha marked in Bardez and Serula
plateau which has increased 3 fold from earlier land use marking.
VIOLATION : Forested area and major land use change without
feasibility study.

* Large new industrial area of 90 Ha marked in Canacona and Poinguinim.
VIOLATION : Orchard and forested area, major land use without
feasibility study.

* Settlement zones marked on mangroves in the Zuari, Mormugao off
the Cortalim bank of about 42 Ha
VIOLATION : Ministry of Environment and Forests on mangroves and CRZ.

* Settlement zones marked directly along Salcete coastline from
Utorda to Cavelossim.

* Settlement zones marked directly along Bardez coastline in
Calangute and Candolim

* Settlement zones marked directly along Tiswadi riverbank in
Siridao, Bambolim and Calapur,

Press Coverage:

I realise that as Consultant your job ends with the satisfaction of
the customer, i.e Town & Country Planning of Goa. Depending on the
plan submitted by your company, there has been large scale uproar
through protests within Goa, that has brought about the resignation of
concerned minister. Based on research submitted by your firm, there
has been large scale deforestation in coastal areas visible in last
few months, I hence urge you to please investigate the Plan, also
request you to kindly call Patricia Pinto-0832-2225493 who could
provide you further details of other violations done by the Plan.
For any other queries related to Save Goa Campaign you could get in
touch with Convener-
Dr. Oscar Rebello-9822160493. Please visit website

In the best interest, of Goa and future customer growth, I request you
to kindly reconsider the Goa Regional Plan submitted by you. As
credibility of Research Methodology used by previous team of
consultants who designed this, and over all reputation of CES could be
at stake.

Kindly reconsider the plan submitted by your firm in mutual interests,

Jai Hind,
Navendu Shirali
Resident of Panaji-Goa
IT Consultant-Bangalore

"if you have been to goa, you owe something back"

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