Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dr. Vijay Mallaya In The Eyes Of A 20 Year Old

After reading the newspaper Dt.13/5/20003 Vijay Mallya, also announced a ten-point programme with focus on providing 'a brighter and more secure future for the youth of the state'. That night I
slept late.
Dr. Vijay Mallaya, the owner of the United Breweries group worth 6000 crore rupees, the man who walks in a company of ' You know who ',the man who is invited for every celebrity Inauguration, Dr. Vijay
Mallaya, who today is also the member of the Parliament, moves in his own private jet, sponsors Indian & Foreign teams. Every man wants to
know what he is doing? What is his lifestyle? The places where he has his mansions? Movie stars, Politicians have his photographs with him
printed in the newspaper. Media talks about the cars he has, the speed he loves driving, Great Man! Great Personality!

Now let's see the other face of the coin, what does Mr. Mallaya sell... He sells Booze, the Pioneer of Alcohol Sale in India. The same alcohol whose advertisements today flash on the TV despite the Ban on them, through ' Soda ' or 'Mineral water' or 'Apple juice' what shame of the legislation.

My friend circle is among the 20 year olds, who at this age should be suffused with creating and building a new India, dream of India -today are drowning in the ocean of alcohol, thanks to Mr. Mallaya's empire. Every home in this state (Goa) has an alcoholic. The Husband has alcohol, and comes home and beats his wife. The student gets a
block in the paper, he goes with his friends gets drunk. Thanks to Mr. Mallaya's empire escapism from reality is easy, as alcohol is now available even at places where you will get lost.

The Brains of today's generation are being submerged in the uselessness and anarchy. No one dreams big, at age 24, people do not know what their ambition is, what is their goal ? All they say is "Sushekaat"

The irony of this society is that a man who sells women, who sell their body for the sake of their stomach, we call him 'Dalal' or 'Dealer' and have disgust. But what of the men who sell death, not
only to its buyers, but their families, why are these men looked upon by our society as men with great character? Why these double standards? Do these people, not have a conscience? Do they not
realize the huge profits they make is made out of the sufferings of so many families? Dr. Vijay Mallaya who has leadership and successful
business qualities, why does he not make money by selling medicines, education by which the millions of this country will prosper. Why sell death, why sell this poison that is slowing the progress of this
country, Is this all for Money? Is Money so important? Is Money so desperately wanted ? What satisfaction does this money provide, which
has come after destroying so many families and so many careers.

I know people like Dr. Vijay Mallaya are not to be blamed entirely,but people of the country are also responsible because they have sold their will power, their self control for a glass of Booze, that takes
them temporarily in a world of happiness. But if there is demand ,there is always a supply. At 9 PM in Goa, most of the shops open are Bars. You will not see a family walking, forget about a goan girl
moving freely. But if you go to Gujarat, one sees a group of girls shopping, and see families enjoying ice cream at night.

Ask any Doctor in GMC, majority of the accidental cases is normally caused due to either the thirst or the ones over-quenching their thirst. Everyone knows the effect of alcohol and yet still they booze, why ? Escapism from reality, wow!!! That means every drunkard is a coward who can not face the difficulties of life.

Our President dreams of India, as developed by year 2020, but respected president where are the minds and hands of the young men who are going to take this nation there, they have a glass in their
hands, and a mind...God knows where.

The irony of this education system is that most of brilliant students in 12th science go for engineering, where in the first 6 months of
hostel life, he has a crash course in alcohol consumption, addictions and ofcourse the style mantra-cigarette, that so called makes you
feel like an engineer. Ask a student why does he smokes? why does he booze? "Ah! Too much pressure, I have submissions, deadlines" "Ah! Company, have to be a part of the lifestyle of my friends" "Time pass". The best excuse I have heard is " I booze, when i am happy". I mean, if one needs to write a book on excuses, just ask the same questions..
Pinewale ko pine ka bahana chaihye.

My friends always tell me what problem do I have if others booze.I tell them ' don't have a problem until you can guarantee me that no person who is drunk will get behind the wheels drive over any of my family members or yours. If you cant guarantee me that then I don't want a maniac on the road who is
on mission to hurt'.

According to my observations, alcohol and smoking today is an addiction for the youth because today most of us have herd mentality,we want to follow what the majority do. Simple fact not known, is
that everybody flows with the river, only the one with nerves of steel and self control and belief, swim against the current and he is remembered.

The worst thing I hate about alcoholics and smokers is that, they need company in celebrating their daily basis death. They enjoy more, worst is that most of the boys who top tenth standard, where they
wrote correct answers on the effects of alcohol and smoking, today have forgotten all they had learnt in school, and now follow the path to anarchy. I can understand students who come from financially
better off families going for vices, as their parents have made enough for them, but what of the children of the middle class families, who have responsibilities of their families, runaway to
this addictive escapism, why ?

I know that if tomorrow Dr. Vijay Mallaya, closes his empire, there will be a sudden boom in "bad, illegal liquor". That will have huge calamities. So what do we do? Continue the same path, which
leads us to the silent killer, who is never punished.
When our country was liberated & free, Japan was bombed to hell by the Atom bombs, their financial empire was history, today look where that country has reached and where we are? If the same addictions,
the youth has for smoking and alcohol, had we for the country, then every year we would have a Nobel prize, such is the potential of the youth of today.

We are told few bullets of Hindu fanatic were the cause of death of Mahatma Gandhi physically, but every moment somewhere in India, I feel his worldly acclaimed principles for good human being, have been
assassinated by his followers in white dress and white caps.
My youth of the 20ies looks for a Messiah... Who will lead us, Man like Dr. Vijay Mallaya?

Navendu Shirali

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Aravind said...

Recently,I learned a fact that a southern state(Andhra Pradesh) in the last fiscal year earned Rs.12000 crores from legal liquor and in the same state it is estimated that Rs.7000 crores illegal and illicit liquor sells.
The same state recently affected with floods and its reported that the relief money has taken its way to fulfill alcoholic needs of people.Misery is people who lost their homes also want to spend their money on liquor.
In the same state , one CM banned liquor and till the date, every one praises him but no one follows him as it affects both economics and vote banks.
For bringing swarajya of Gandhiji's dreams, there is need of ban on liquor and effective functioning of excise departments and traffic department too.
Welfare of people is important and I think this liquor brawls are more attributed to bad governance than Vijay mallaya.
At the same time merako yeh yaad aaraha hai ki in states like Orissa,people consume alcoholic beverages on their festivals and here comes the real problem.
The impossible best is enemy of possible good and here leader ship should act with balance.
Step by step , governance s/d take care of . first atleast, illicit liquor