Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chief Information Officer of India

Mailed to President and Prime Minister of India

Respected Sir,
For faster development of India, we need Information Technology as catalyst, as such we can reach blogging in regional levels at across all Pachayats, Bus Transports monitored for over crowding and punctuality, etc.
For this we need a full foccused team under your leadership, Chief Information Officer of India, that will drive all e-Governance projects under one umbrella, I therefore suggest two individuals,
Mr. Narayan Murty who is to retire this August and Mr. Bill Gates who is to retire in couple of years. Both these individuals have reached self actulaization stage of their life and want to contribute back to the society. As such the biggest challenge for them would be to balance their ethics and not being favourable to their respective companies.
For building the best nation, we need the best,
Lets make dreams come true,
Jai Hind
Navendu Shirali


swathiv said...

Yes, what you think is right. In a country like India where population is more, IT is the best key for development. And India has made giant leaps in some of the fields linking IT. The number of Indians benefitted by this are also in large number. So they also should contribute a bit of their brains for their fellow citizens.

Aravind said...

Citizen charters with the help of IT should be established.Right idea.Right approach