Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israel method on Lebanon

Looking at Israel method of tackling terror,its nice for us, to sit n watch deaths of others on TV n say v shud do it to same to PAK,

no violence has helped any nation, last evening Al Zawahiri, has asked
all roads leading to Israel,this war by Israel, has been an arm shot
to the entire movement of theirs..
Israel, cud have used ground operations in urban warfare, really cruel
method to use air strikes, as collateral damage to high,i understand
some battles have to be answered with force.. i realize history of
Israel, has been to show no restraint…and they were proactive before
Hezbollah started their moves…
but the nature of warfare and scale is unjust, with no sensitivity to
innocent lives,

the innocent will prioritize hatred, contribute more funds, through
all channels, and major fund collection will also go towards Al Qaeda
from various nations, its very crucial at our age to realize good
battle is one where you attack the source of hatred that fuels the
I have been having great respect to concept n success of Zionism, but
disappointed with warfare adopted by Israel. There was a time, when
there was extreme precision techniques used by Israel against Hamas,
why full fledged war against Hezbollah,

What do you mean do same with Pakistan, Pakistan is not
just ISI, Jaish-e Mohammad, LeT, Musharaf and company, there are
humans there too, the effects of this battle of Israel, will cause
unnecessary damage to us as well, even if a small share of fund
raising is siphoned to these PoK based junta, we will have tough time,
managing them.

With historic data, and foreign policies followed by nation facing
terrorism, its apparent that full fledged warfare has only fuelled
extremism, I agree the proactive means attacking the PoK camps, but
with nuclear deterrent environment that's not feasible.

Israel will fail in its efforts of curbing terrorism because their not
attacking the philosophy of hatred, they are attacking the executors,
Its irony the Zionism movement was started on some note, and seems the
present generation seems so far away from that objective, where the
paradise homeland….
Seeds of anarchy are being sown on all borders…of Israel,

Wat is to learn from Israel, their people have spread to such great
control of US and UK that no one can stop them, hope someday Indians,
reach similar place where no one can stop India, from executing its
foreign policy, and above all I hope that then the foreign policy is
of restraint and attacking the philosophy terrorism, and economically
arm twisting Pakistan, might sound utopian, but I guess could be
differentiator to tackle this menace.

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Janak Joshi said...

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