Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What can IT do to India?

What can IT do to India?
IT companies do deploy complex traffic management systems like in London, Dockyard systems, and Supply Chain Solutions across the globe. Now lets look at simple eGovernance Project, enabling a Supply Chain Solution on Food Distribution System In India, at one place we have surplus food reserves, and other side,shortage of food supply done through PDS. Take Blogging then, if every panchayat has regional blogging, you then create a knowledge power house of not only agricultural practices but also social issues dissemination.
Look at the complex health care projects Indian companies do in US and Europe, many of the health care programs and insurance systems are developed by Indian Companies, whats needed is the vision by Indian Government to go IT, and make these projects lucrative for the Indian IT Giants, with shortage of resources, these companies prefer eGovernance projects from developed countries purely on basis of the currency arbitrage, if Indian Government can make them the lucrative, you will see a beeline of Indian IT companies making solutions for Indian Scenarios, from better traffic management systems in Bangalore, Passport Department going online,reduction in queues across all departments, decreasing corruption as most of the human element for decision making will be recorded online,
if McDonald's can promise its customer that the life of burger is 12 minutes, the day is possible for every file in Indian government office only with the use of IT and its processes.

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shruti said...

Good one ..especially the bit about decreasing human interaction in the goverment scenario thus effectively reducing corruption ...but as long as there is corruption it is a viscious circle to break ..Intiative can onle be taken by people who have the power and the means to coax goverment at higher levels to implement the same .