Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DMA- Being the Change

Over the last 1 year, our team of Initiatives of Change has been instrumental with joint initiative of IAS heads of District Municipal Administrative (DMA) , to organize Ethical Leadership based Weekend Programs.
In todays world, Ethics is so commonly used that perhaps it has lost its value. In this weekend residential workshops, we were able to make the hard and tough employees of DMA, bring a change towards listening to their inner voice, having self correction mechanism, vow to fight corruption and more.

Over the last 3 months, we have conducted 3 such workshops, over 100 employees of DMA have been trained in listening to their inner voice, the leadership training has made them more sensitive to their office members and citizens of India.
In their personal sharing, stories of their personal fight against favoritism and corrupt practicing is an inspiring experience. Every workshop though starts with participants cribbing about problems from political interferences to low pay, corruption at all levels, etc, initially it seems like there is no hope about the existing system.

Just in 2 days, the atmosphere mixed with Guided Introspection, Personal Sharing, Group Activities, Leadership Sessions, Interaction with NGOs all result in powerful combination to transform the the negative attitude towards a power of positive thinking, where the same employees give inspiration of better India, a better system to work in.

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