Tuesday, August 12, 2008


GOANET: Is mailer group subscribed by Goans across the world, this forum has lately seen a lot of personal attack on each other.

Editor of Navhind Times attempting to tear down the GBA in his article The Great Goan Illusion. which rhymes with the article published in Herald


Very painful to see, that the only united opposition to real estate and illegal mining is speculated for a breaking down in eyes of citizens.

Guess it’s a master stroke by real estate n mining lobby, involve the GBA in RP draft, spread the rumour of sell outs, attack the credibility of the main leaders, result, the sharpest arrow is now withdrawn. (Reminds me Chanakya's Arthashastra)

It’s painful to see that such forums are being used to hit at each other, personal allegations, citizens who are in goa & want to voice out their hurt egos choose to do in open forums instead of just speaking on face to face and settling down.

I guess such forums will soon get polarized as well. I realize we all have differences, there is seems to be no discussion on the middle path, we all agree on disagreements, but we also need to agree on what all of us agree too. Our methods of fight may be different, affiliations to political ideology might be different but our goals must be same.

Both Jesus and Ram always stood as for Apology, restitution and love. Somewhere there is Gandhism missing in each one of us.

I hope this forum unites in spite of all individualistic ideologies; there is a bigger cause we need to focus on,

There are 3 big battles awaits us, The Real Estate Lobby, SEZs that don’t meet local consensus, Illegal Mining.

Each one of them becomes more powerful every time we disintegrate and tear down credibility of each other. We know that Goa is 0.1% of India Geographic area, for them its highest premium property, lowest cost of minerals, and they only thing that can stop this chaos is us, the citizens of Goa.

Our generation, lies on threshold to see whether Citizens of Goa remain as united as these Lobbies, who stand united in every battle.

“Wrong will always remain wrong, even if everyone does it. Right will always remain right, even if no one does it.”

Jai Hind,

Navendu Shirali

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