Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bollywood an example of Nehru-Gandhi's India

After watching the movie My Name is Khan, in the Big Cinema theater here, I was thinking of Bollywood, how its movies, brings talent and creativity of various artists irrespective of their caste or creed, an living phenomenon that shows a united and true democracy of our country, the same foundation and concept our Country was built on for, it would be unique where all are treated equally irrespective of their background,

to quench my thoughts, I came across this speech of Nehru Delivered in Allahabad court in 1921-22,
some of the excerpts:

Nehru-in Allahabad court-

"Less than ten years ago, I returned from England after a lengthy stay there, I had passed through the usual course of public school and university. I had imbibed most of the prejudices of Harrow and Cambridge, and in my likes and dislikes I was perhaps more an Englishman than an Indian. I looked upon the world almost from an Englishman's standpoint. And so I returned to India as much prejudiced in favour of England and the English as it was possible for an Indian to be."........

"To-day, ten years later, I stand here in the dock charged with two offences and with a third hovering in the background-an ex-convict who has been to jail once already for a political offence, and a rebel against the present system of government in India. That is the change which the years have wrought in me. It is not necessary for me to recite the reasons for this change. Every Indian knows them; every Indian has felt them and has hung his head in shame for them. And if he has retained a spark of the old fire in him, he has taken a solemn pledge to strive unceasingly for India's freedom, so that his countrymen may never again be subjected to the miseries and humiliations that are the lot of a subject people.

To-day sedition against the present government in India has become the creed of the Indian people, preach and practise disaffection against the evil which it represents has become their chief occupationI have said many hard things about the British Government. For one thing, however, I must offer it my grateful thanks. It has given us a chance of fighting in this most glorious of struggles. Surely few peoples have had such an opportunity given them. And the greater our suffereing, the more difficult the tests we have to pass, the more splendid will be the future of India. India has not survived through thousandes of years to go down now. India has not sent her noblest and best twenty five thousands of her sons, to the jail to give up the struggle. India's future is assured. Some of us, men and women of little faith, doubt and hesitate occasionally, but those who have vision can almost see the glory that will be India's. I marvel at my good fortune.

To serve India in the battle of freedom is honour enough. To serve her under a leader like Mahatma Gandhi is doubly fortune. But to suffer for the dear country! What greater good fortune could befall an Indian, unless it is death or the full realisation of our gloious dream?"


Softway said...

Read this book,
The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight

Author is the same of your favorite book.

Rajesh Rane

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Hey Navendu, am getting more and more impressed by you! :-) Thanks for telling me about your blog. Reading it all...