Sunday, March 02, 2008

Baramati Youth Conference & Bangalore-Ethical Governance Workshop

From 28th Feb to March 2nd, our Youth team from Initiatives of Change led by Viral Mazumdar conducted a Youth Conference in Baramati for over 180 students.

It was my misfortune for not being able to participate in this Conference, due to unavoidable roadblocks. Nevertheless, the response of the conference was "terrific" as per Vipul with students developing a strong bond with our Youth Team. It was emotional separation at the end of the conference.

Our close aide, Aswini Mohapatra, from Bangalore participated with full gusto and had immediate fellowship. I am awaiting a detailed report on this from Vipul Shaha. I hope the young leaders emerging from Baramati attend the much admired annual Youth Conference at Panchgani in June 1st week.

Meanwhile in Bangalore, our team had a final meeting for the Ethical Governance Workshop to be conducted this week from March 4th- March 7th for 30 respected Officers from Secretariat, Karnataka Government Bangalore. This time the chief coordinator for the workshop is Mr. Dilip Patel.

Following are Dilip's words about the workshop-"'Ethical governance of the self, by the self and for the self in relationship with the self, family, work place and the society/nation at large. The program is designed with the intentions of creating learning environment to enable the participants to have insights into their behaviors, and the implications there of in the family, work and social setups. Behaviors stem from values and beliefs we hold. Some of them may not be even known to us consciously. The program will present several mirrors to the participants to 'see' the values and beliefs they hold. The important values that influence our behavior in respect of our relationships, and leaderships in context with the family and work/social settings that are likely to emerge through the process works of the program are love, fear, honesty, trust, greed, jealousy, selfishness etc. The drivers to these values would be individual's perceived pursuits for happiness, success and longevity. Various faculty members from amongst you all will bring out one or the other aspects of these values. The essence of Initiative of Change, viz. quiet time (introspection, inner voice ) , apology and restitution, measuring one's purity, love, honesty and unselfishness against the absolute standards will be offered, together with the stories of personal change by the faculties as the powerful tools to carry home for their regular use.

The end results aimed at are to induce a resolution of initiating a personal change in their behaviors towards truly becoming a healthier, happier and more successful member of the family, community and the country in an inclusive manner. Be the change you desire to see in others is the motto."

Our team of Initiatives of Change in Bangalore has conducted similar workshops for over 90 Government Officers of District Municipal Administration. With a prayer in heart and confidence we are approaching this workshop.

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